Wonderful class - my first class since 1964!! Thanks for opening up my eyes that I really do have some artsy creativity inside me." ~Senior Center art class participant

"I love how she'll read into the heart of a story and pull out the emotions that get readers to connect. Her illustrations are colorful and full of expression."

~Sara DeRidder, DeRidder Designs; designer

"Cheryl sees color in insightful ways that aren't always obvious. Inevitably, the outcome is a piece that reflects distinctive and powerful layers, light and unexpected use of color."

~ Amy Mountain, communications executive; and inspired decorative painter.

A resourceful and skilled "creative aging" teaching artist, Cheryl brings artsy goodness to her classes at senior centers and "continuing care retirement communities".  LEARN MORE.

The artsy goodness comes from a mindset to be constantly curious. Observe details and see big plans. Make choices yet be open to chance. Let the imagination wonder and wander. 

An artist mind

Paintings ooze with the joyful goodness of Cheryl's artistry. Find your statement piece. One of a kind. Art commissions, welcome. LEARN MORE.

Cheryl Kugler


Cheryl brings vibrant life and engaging expression to your personal pet illustration OR children's story. LEARN MORE.

Fine Art




With a keen eye for composition, Cheryl captures nature's organic beauty, casual expressions of people and events. LEARN MORE.